Riyadh Initiative against Substance Abuse (RISA) campaign

About us

About Us

Subair Kunju foundation is a Trivandrum-based (Kerala, India) charitable trust formed in memory of late Mr. M Subair Kunju (1931-2000) by his family members on the day of his first death anniversary, 17th June 2001. With the initiative of the trustees, A ‘Subair kunju Memorial Committee’ (SMC) was formed on the same day. Relatives and family friends of Subair Kunju, local community leaders, prominent personalities from his native place and interested persons from different fields are included in the committee. The memorial committee is supporting the foundation in all its efforts to continue the social services rendered by Mr. Subair Kunju.

Mr. Subair Kunju



Mr. Subair Kunju born in Azhicode, near Trivandrum, Kerala was a full time dedicated social worker helping others especially the under privileged in their problems. He is often called as the historian of his native place and worked for the overall development of his native place throughout his life. His social commitment and humanitarian work irrespective of caste, religion, politics and social status is ever remembered.






The Subair kunju foundation, a Trivandrum (Kerala), based charitable trust announced a campaign against the hazards of tobacco, alcohol and various other addictive drugs by name RISA (Riyadh Initiatives against Substance Abuse) in June 2012. As a first step, a 17 member program coordination committee (PCM) was formed in the city of Riyadh.


In the current scenario, substance abuse forms one of the most critical problems afflicting all countries worldwide. It is neither confined to a definite type of drugs, nor related to a certain country or social segment. It forms the earlier symptom of an addiction to a natural or a synthetic drug/substance that alters consciousness and leads to interpersonal conflicts, failure to meet work, family/school obligations or legal problems etc. Substance abuse leads to addiction which is the state of periodic or chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of a drug. The affected person will have a persistent, compulsive dependence on it and most of addicts use more than one substance.

Globally, there are 230 million illicit drug users with 15.3 million cases of associated disorders, 1 billion men and 250 million women smokers with 6 million tobacco related deaths per year, 27 million heroin or cocaine users, 2.5 million premature deaths every year due to alcohol dependence. There are reports of HIV transmission among drug addicts from 120 countries.

 To arrange poster shows, supply of pamphlets etc to spread the message against substance abuse

 To conduct School and polyclinic-based anti-substance abuse awareness sessions, seminars etc.

 To disseminate the message of anti-substance abuse activity by sending widespread E-mail messages in different languages to almost globally linking through various email groups/social networks

 To conduct essay writing and Quiz competitions for teenage children of grade 8-12

 To conduct heath education sessions on substance abuse in labor camps and other venues arranged by voluntary groups targeting Pravasi community.

 To conduct similar awareness sessions in different provinces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by availing the help and support from other regional organizations.

 To encourage volunteers to participate in solving addiction problem

 To arrange anti-substance abuse activities in Kerala and Lakshadweep with the help of local voluntary groups/agencies

 To facilitate the initiation of anti- substance abuse activities in the whole middle-east in coordination with voluntary organizations


1. To get official clearance and possible help from the Saudi government authorities for the conduct of activities in the kingdom

2. To prepare and print 20000 pamphlets, 50 sets of 15 different posters (=750) and banners with the help of a few selected sponsors.

3. To arrange labor camp-based and school based activities especially targeting the Expatriate community and the teenage students respectively. Also to arrange sessions for family gatherings. At least 20 such awareness sessions may be arranged during the program period.

4. To collect as much as data from the media reports and other sources on drug abuse and to take steps for quality maintained awareness sessions

5. To make a short effective documentary film on drug abuse for exhibiting in different venues

Dr. Khalid Saad Al Jadai, Director of the National Committee for Narcotics Control (NCNC), KSA officially initiated the campaign by releasing the multi-lingual brochure (English, Hindi, Malayalam and Arabic) and 15 multi-color Posters in a function conducted at his office on 7th April 2013.

On this occasion, Dr Khalid highlighted that this is the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an expatriate group ever volunteered for such social cause affecting the life of millions of people by the use of drugs and psychotropic substances & assured full support and assistance from NCNC. He further added that the initiative shown by Indian expatriate team lead by Dr Abdul Azeez and his team of volunteers is very much appreciated and will encourage others to carry out similar campaigns for the well being of the society.

The first copy of brochure was received by the COO City Flower, Riyadh Mr. Fazal Rahman and the first set of 15 Posters was received by Riyadh Indian Media Forum President Mr. Shakeeb Kolakaden at a function held at the NCNC office on Monday, 07 April 2013. The event coincided with the World Health Day.



In the first phase of School-based campaign, 9 awareness sessions targeting teenage school children were conducted covering 8 international schools in Riyadh. Poster exhibition, distribution of pamphlets was done in all sessions. To encourage the children, a question answer session with prize distribution to winners was also included in each session.


School based programs were inaugurated on 16th April by Dr. S M Shawkat Parvesh, the Principal of the International Indian School, Riyadh (IISR). The first awareness session was attended by more than 800 students of boys of classes 11 and 12. Dr. Abdul Azeez conducted the interactive presentations highlighting the health hazards, Dr. Bharathan conducted the quiz competitions with prizes sponsored by Baraka Opticals and City Flower.



At AL YASMIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL at 10 am on 17.04.2013 (Wednesday):
Principal Ms. Padmini inaugurated the session. Mr. Karunakaran Pillai delivered the introductory speech and Sanoop given the felicitation. Dr. Abdul Azeez took the awareness class. More than 230 students attended (boys+ girls). Staff coordinator Mr. Althaf delivered the vote of thanks. Prizes were donated by BARAKA optical.



At YARA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL at 10 am on 18.04.2013 (Thursday):
Principal Mrs. Asima inaugurated the session. Mr. Karunakaran Pillai delivered the introductory speech and Sanoop given the felicitation. Dr. Abdul Azeez took the awareness class. More than 300 students attended (boys+ girls). Prizes were donated by BARAKA optical.


At MODERN INTERNATIONAL INDIAN SCHOOL RIYADH at 10 am on 22.04.2013 (Monday): Principal Mr. Haneefa inaugurated the session. Mr. Karunakaran Pillai delivered the introductory speech and Sanoop given the felicitation. Dr. Abdul Azeez took the awareness class. More than 300 students attended (boys+ girls).


At AL ALIYA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL at 10 am on 23.04.2013 (Tuesday). Principal Mr. Pias John inaugurated the session. Dr. Bharathan, Consultant ophthalmologist, New Safa Makkah Polyclinic delivered the introductory speech. Dr. Abdul Azeez took the awareness class. More than 175 students attended (boys of classes 9-12). Prizes were donated by BARAKA optical.


At INTERNATIONAL INDIAN SCHOOL RIYADH (session 2) at 10 AM on 30.04.2013 (Tuesday):
Program inaugurated by Dr. S M Shawkat Parvesh, the Principal and the session was attended by more than 800 students of boys of classes 9 and 10. Dr. Abdul Azeez conducted the interactive presentations highlighting the health hazards, Dr. Bharathan conducted the quiz competitions with prizes sponsored by Baraka Optical.



At DARUSSLAM INTERNATIONAL DPS, RIYADH at 12.30 noon on 07.05.2013 (Tuesday) Program inaugurated by Ms. Nayyara Shauket, the principal and the session was attended by more than 200 students of grade 9 and 10. Dr. Abdul Azeez conducted the interactive presentations and Dr. Bharathan conducted the quiz competitions with prizes sponsored by Baraka Optical.



At INTERNATIONAL INDIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, RIYADH on 4.6.2013 (Tuesday) at 10 am: Program inaugurated by Mr. Abdul Azeez, the principal and the session was attended by more than 70 boys of classes 9 and 10. Dr. Abdul Azeez conducted the interactive presentations and Dr. Bharathan conducted the quiz competitions


At NEW MIDDLE EAST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, RIYADH at 9 am on 05.06.2013 (Wednesday)
Program inaugurated by Mrs. Thabssim Farooki, the principal and the session was attended by more than 500 boys of grade 9 and 10. Dr. Abdul Azeez conducted the interactive presentations and NCNC documentary was also shown.




It is a notable achiewment that we could finish 9 school based programs in a short period of 3 months with initiation of poster shows in all these schools. We could take classes for more than 7500 students. The support and cooperation of all the schools were encouraging. Most of the school authorities requested for conduct of similar sessions every year. The children were also encouraged by the conduct of quiz and spot distribution of prizes. We observed that conduct of special training sessions for selected group of students and teaches in each school will enhance our effort of spreading the message. Some schools requested the same also. It needs special mention about the mass pledge on the international day of non-violence (birth anniversary of Mahadhma Ghandhi) in which more than 25000 students took pledge against substance abuse.

At New Safa Makka Hall, Riyadh on 31.5.2013 (World No tobacco Day):

Mr. Asharaf Vadakkevila, the chairman of the NRK forum, Riyadh inaugurated the seminar and Mr. Ibrahim Subahan of world energy forum unveiled the poster show. Dr. Dr. Mohammed Rafeeque,Bharathan, Dr. Abdul Azeez, and Dr. Joshi Joseph presented topics such as hazards of smoking, eye problems associated with smoking, hazards of drug abuse, dermatological manifestations and diseases transmitted by intravenous drug use respectively. The seminar was blessed with the participation of Doctors, Public figures, leaders of different organizations and Media representatives. The poster show was started for an indefinite period in 5 polyclinic in the Batha area namely Safa Makkah-1, New Safa Makkah, Al Rayan, Shifa Al Jassera and Saha polyclinics


First School program in Trivandrum District at VHSS Aruvikkara was conducted on 29.6.2013. More than 150 students attended the session. The program was marked by the presence of Panchayath President, local leaders etc.


The official launching of RISA face book page was done by the city flower chief operation officer Mr Fazil Rahmaan in a simple function at New Safa Makka Hall on 23.7. 2013


A three month long global E-campaign launched on 23.7.2013 in Riyadh by sending the inaugural mail to the honorable Speaker of Kerala State Assembly, Sri. G. Karthikeyan by Dr. A V Bharathan, followed by to Mr. Kodikkunnil Suresh, the honorable union deputy minister for labor by Mr. Karunakaran pillai, to Mr. Vayalar Ravi, the honorable union minister for overseas affairs, by Mr. Abdul Nazar mash, to Mr. V. Sivakumar, the honorable health minister of Kerala by Dr. Thampi, to Mr. Sibi George, the honorable Deputy Chief of Mission of Indian Embassy, Riyadh by Mr. Ibrahim Subahan at a prestigious gathering of RISA team


Asianet, Riyadh a leading news channel extending their support and solidarity to RISA
by honoring Subair kunju foundation in the MYLANCHI RAV-2 function arranged on 12.08.2013 at Naufa auditorium, Riyadh


Jaihind TV and its cultural wing, the friends creations extended their Solidarity to RISA by arranging a bulk E-mail campaign through Freeshoppy.com on 14.08.2013. The organization is sending 1,00,000 E-mails by three notable personalities from different fields simultaneously from the same venue arranged at Shifa Al Jasseera Auditorium.


Inaugurated by Dr. Joshi Joseph, the clinic activity convener of RISA on 20.08.2013 at City flower department store, Riyadh

RISA team arranged a mass pledge against drug abuse in various International Schools in KSA arranged on 2nd Oct, the Gandhi Jayanthi Day 2013 (the international day of Non-violence). The pledge More than 25000 students took pledge on this occasion

I do understand that addiction to tobacco, alcohol or any other addictive drug is a developmental disease that usually begins in adolescence, which leads to many health hazards and social problems.
And hence, I do take the pledge that I will never try tobacco, alcohol or any other addictive drug in any form, at any time or occasion under any circumstance.
I do believe that it is my responsibility to protect myself, my families, friends and our community from the hazards of drug abuse. So I do extend my sincere solidarity to the fight against drug abuse and addiction and extend my full support to this noble campaign of RISA – ‘Riyadh Initiative against Substance Abuse’ for this great cause.
Let us all join together to stop drug abuse before it ever starts.


The release of Malayalam and English versions of a 20 minute audio-visual documentary {by name swaraksha(in Malayalam) and the rescue( in English)} was arranged at New Safa Makkah Auditorium, Riyadh on 18.02.2014. The VCD was released by Mr. Shihsb Kottukad, the Norka roots consultant in KSA, Govt. of Kerala and many important personalities from different fields attended the function. The NRK forum chairman, Mr. Asharaf Vadakkaevila switched on the first documentary show.

An essay competition for teenage school children were also conducted on the occasion.

A warm send off to Mr. Karunakaran pillai, the joint convener of RISA who is being transferred to Jeddah and an honor to Shihab Kottukad, the laureate of pravasi bharatheeya puraskar 2014 was also the part of the function.


Closing ceremony of first phase of Riyadh Initiative against Substance Abuse (RISA) was conducted on the world no tobacco day, 31st May 2014 at Ramad auditorium, Batha, Riyadh.

As part of the closing ceremony, a number of programs were arranged as mentioned below:
1. A free medical camp was arranged from 8 am-12 noon by Al Mubarak hospital, Riyadh. Many people had their ECG and blood sugar checkup, hypertension screening and they were distributed free dental consultation appointments in Al Abeer clinics.
2. Photos and news clip exhibition on RISA activities and RISA documentary show
3. A MERS awareness desk in association with doctors from Riyadh Indian Medical Association
4. Seminar on ‘role of teachers in the prevention of substance abuse in children’ chaired by Dr. M K Abdul Sather, Director and Psychological Councilor, seal center for skill development and training was very informative. Principals from various schools in Riyadh including Mr. Haneef, Abdul Rasheed, Dr. Ashraf of Andhra Pradesh United Society, Dr. Abdul Salam of King Saud University, and Mr. Balachandran of NRK forum were among the Speakers.
5. A poster design competition for school children of grade 8-12 with a theme ‘prevention of drug abuse’ for students of different international schools in Riyadh
Official function

Dr. Saeed Faleh Al Sriaha, Director of Studies and information, NCNC inaugurated the official function chaired by Dr. Abdul Azeez, the RISA convener and the Managing Trustee of Subair kunju Foundation.

He released the 4 page supplement published by the Gulf Madhyamam to mark the occasion.

He also distributed the certificate of honor to the organizations, establishments and individuals who actively participated in the campaign during the phase one activities and participation gifts and certificates to winners of essay and poster design competition.

The students who won the essay writing competition conducted on 18.02.2014 were given gifts and certificates

risa essay writing competition-2014

first prize winner    saif ali athyaab (grade 9)  international indian public school (seva) riyadh

second prize winner asjad iqbal (grade 8) international indian public school (seva) riyadh
third prize winner    Thaslima muhammed (grade 12) international indian school for girls, Riyadh

By telephonic inauguration, he initiated the RISA activity outside the kingdom while the NORKA roots consultant and RISA representative Mr. Shihab Kottukad switched on the RISA documentary show in a prearranged venue in Muscut. Initiation of documentary shows in UAE was done by an e-transfer of documentary to Mr. M. J, Aseef Mohammed, Director, Pace Education, Gulf Asian English School Sharjah.

Dr. A V Bharathan, Dr. Joshi Joseph, Abdul Nazar Mash, Abdul Rasak Mavoor, Sherief Palath, Shinto Mohan and Rafeek Panniyankara of RISA and Rashid Khan (Gulf Madhyamam), sujith(Al Abeer) Dr. Samson (Riyadh IMA), Ibrahim Subhan, PV Abdul Rahman (GM, Al Huda group), Shanavas SP (G5) and Sasi kumar Pillai were among the organizers. Many prominent personalities from different fields participated in the function. Mrs. Padmini U Nair of International Indian School, Riyadh made an introductory speech on activities of Subair kunju foundation and the event convener Mr. Abdul Rasheed delivered the vote of thanks. The program ended late night after a vibrant cultural program by G5 music band.


1. NCNC Exhibition

RISA got the privilege to participate in the narcotic exhibition conducted in Riyadh in June 2014. In the 15 days long exhibition, we arranged various posters against substance abuse, photographs on our school-based and other activities. The pavilion was inaugurated by Dr. Abdullah on 10/7/2014. It was marked by the presence of an expatriates gathering. Our volunteers explained the hazards of substance abuse to the visitors throughout the exhibition period. The organizers arranged a nice iftar party for the Indian community during the exhibition period. Some pictures of the exhibition are added below:

2. First shopping mall based program
The first shopping mall based program was arranged in City flower hypermarket at Manila Plaza, Batha- Riyadh on 9/8/2014. Poster exhibition, documentary show and an interactive session were arranged. The program was inaugurated by the RISA program consultant Dr. A V Bharathan. The program was attended by different nationalities. The poster Exhibition continued for a week.

3. First labor camp-based program:
We arranged our first labor camp-based program in association with the Riyadh wing of Malappuram district KMCC (a local expatriate group from Kerala), Riyadh on 18/8/2014. The camp was inaugurated by the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Fazil Rahman of City flower group. About 200 laborers participated in the interactive session and watched the documentary. Convener Dr. Abdul Azeez, team members MR. Nizar Kallara, Georgekutty Makkulath represented the team. Mr. Abdul Samad Kodinji, Adv. Aneer Babu, Mr. Ali Vettathur and Mr. Shuhaib Pulliyil were among the main organizers.

4. Family group gathering in Jeddah
Our representative, Mr. Bichikka Bishar arranged a documentary and poster show in a community gathering in Jeddah on 26/3/15 At Al Rahali Auditorium, Jeddah
5. Family group gathering in association with PSV, Riyadh
A group discussion, documentary and poster show was arranged at Al Rayan polyclinic on 27/3/15 for a family gathering of Payyannur Sauhruda Vedi, Riyadh. The program convener Dr. Abdul Azeez, Mrs. Farzana P K and Mrs. Padmini Nair were among those leading the group discussion. Mr. Sanoop Payyannur and Mr. Abdul Majeed were the main organizers.

6. School based program At IIS, Damam
On the world health day, the 7 April 2015, we conducted awareness sessions in the international Indian boys and girls School, Dammam. A total of more than 6000 students attended the program conducted in three sessions.(2 in boys and one in girls school) Students were shown the 20 minute long RISA documentary clubbed with 15 minutes long interactive sessions. 2000 copies of a newly prepared bilingual brochure (prepared jointly by the Trivandrum Golden Jubilee Lions club, Jubaile and KIMS hospital) was handed over to the principal for distribution in the high school students in both schools. The school authorities under the leadership of Principal Mr. Mohammed Shafi were so appreciable so that we could complete all the three sessions in the morning itself.
7. Program at KIMS, Jubaile
Another poster exhibition, documentary show and interactive sessions were also conducted on7 April 2015 at KIMS hospital Jubaile in the evening hours. Brochures were also distributed in the program. Mr. Shajahan Punalur (Dammam), Sameer Yousaf and Linad (Jubaile) provided the needed background work for the smooth conduct of RISA activity in the school as well as in KIMS hospital, Jubaile.

8. Second labor camp-based program:
We arranged our second labor camp-based program clubbed with a free diabetic and hypertension detection camp in association with the New Safa Makka Polyclinic, Riyadh in Al Binar labor camp , near exit 18on 14/5/2015. The program was coordinated by our labor camp coordinator Mr. Ali Vettathur. There was a gathering of around 150-200 people of different nationalities.

9. Jubaile KMCC program
On 19/5/15, RISA zonal committee in Jubaile arranged a documentary show, poster exhibition and a group discussion on hazards of drug abuse. Zonal convener Shameer Yusaf led the team along with Linad, Nooh Pappanasseri and others.

10. Jaliyath new sanaya, Riyadh
A RISA documentary show with interactive session was conducted on 19 May 2015 arranged by the malayali division of Jaliyath, New Sanaya. There were more than 150 participants in the session. A class on life style disease by Dr. Abdul Azeez was also included in the function.

11. shopping mall program with exhibition and medical camp
Our first 15 days long poster exhibition program was arranged in Al Madina Shopping Mall, Riyadh from 22/5/15. The exhibition pavilion was inaugurated by Mr. Nazar Aboobakker, the CEO of Al madina group. The exhibition pavilion was visited by hundreds of people. A coupon contest was also arranged during the campaign period. Gifts for winners, one each from the pavilion visitors and al Madina staff were given on the final day of the exhibition.

It was the first time that we were clubbing the shopping mall based activity with a diabetic and hypertension screening camp. The camp was arranged on 6th June2015, the last day of the exhibition. Almost 100 people were screened for diabetes and hypertension in the medical camp. All those with hypertension and diabetes were given the relevant guidance. Dr. Raju Varghese, Dr. Omana Varghese, Dr. Ansari, Dr. Abdul Azeez, Dr. Sajna, Sr. Jessy Scaria, Firos (lab tech) were the medical team members. Rafeek Panniyankara, Adv. Aneer Babu, Georgekutty Makkulath, Ali Vettathur were also there to coordinate the camp.

The leaflets as well as the gifts were sponsored by the Al Madina group. The hypermarket administrator Mr. Shaji Alappuzha, staff coordinators shihabudeen, Shareef and Habeeb etc. were among the organizers from the hypermarket group.
12. Third labor camp-based program At Al Binar Al Amar camp
Our third labor camp-based program clubbed with a free diabetic and hypertension detection camp in association with the New Safa Makka Polyclinic, Riyadh in Al Binar Al Amar labor camp , near exit 18 on 29/5/2015. The program was coordinated by our labor camp coordinator Mr. Ali Vettathur. There was a gathering of around 150-200 people of different nationalities

13. Jeddah program with Thazekkode panchayath KMCC group
A seminar and poster exhibition on substance abuse in the occasion of silver jubilee celebration of Thazhekkode panchayat KMCC conducted at Al Rayan Polyclinic, Jeddah on 4 June 2015. The program was led by Bicchikka Bisher and RISA joint convener Karunakaran Pillai.

14. Announcement of RISA provincial committees
26th June 2015 was a remarkable day in RISA activity when we initiated functioning of 3 zonal committees in Jeddah, Dammam/Jubaile, Al Jouf (Sakakka). It was formally inaugurated by the RISA convener Dr. Abdul Azeez at the function held in Al Madina Hypermarket, Riyadh. The function was attended by the secretary of Lions club, Riyadh Mr. John, president of Al India United Society, Riyadh Dr. Ashraf Ali, and Mr. Javed apart from RISA central committee members and others.

Announcement of new provincial committees and initiation of million messages campaign
The newly formed zonal committees will be led by Mr. Bichikka Bisher in Jeddah, Mr. Sudheer Hamsa in Al Jouf and Mr. Sameer Yusaf in Jubaile.

Bichikka Bisher Sameer Yusaf Sudheer Hamsa


15. Observation of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking and initiation of million messages campaign
The same day (26 June 2015), RISA voluntarily joining the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) lead global campaign to observe the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by initiating a three month long global E- campaign titled MILLION MESSAGES CAMPAIGN to spread the message of hazards of various drug abuses. Our target was to send 10 lakh electronic messages during the campaign period. It was a great success as we could disseminate more than 2 million messages through e-mail, websites.
The campaign attained a greater momentum when the hypermarkets included RISA mini message in their periodical brochures and websites. Lulu included our mini leaflet in 2 lakh brochures and Al Madina and G-mart one lakh each. The mini leaflet was also inducted to their websites also.

The artworks used by various hypermarkets/social groups/websites in MILLION MESSAGE Campaign
Many other social groups included our mini leaflets in their websites. Many social network groups and prominent figures joined the campaign. In short, the campaign attained a global status in a short span of time and hence we extended the E- campaign till 2nd October2015, the international day of non-violence.
16. RISA memorandum to Government of Kerala
On 12 August 2015, a team of RISA members lead by the joint convener Mr. Karunakaran Pillai, and the convener of the Subair kunju memorial committee Mr. A R Shafeek submitted a memorandum to the excise minister K. Babu to control the supply and consumption of alcohol. The copy of the memorandum was given to the chief Minister, opposition leader, home minister, revenue minister, KPCC president. The main points highlighted were:


1. Opening hours for liquor distribution shops to be limited for a maximum of 8 hours per day from 9am -5pm.
2. The concept of Dry-Day should be re-introduced and Liquor Shops should be closed on all main festival days which are declared as government holidays by the state from time to time.
3. All liquor shops/outlets should display posters showing the health hazards of alcoholism.
4. Liquor bottles should have a warning label “Alcohol is Dangerous to Health” indicating the main medical hazards similar to “Smoking is Injurious to Health” in cigarette packs Alcohol is Dangerous to Health, Alcoholism can lead to cirrhosis, hypertension, kidney and brain damage and cancer of many organs including liver mouth, throat, larynx, breast and intestines.
5. Alcohol concentration in all brands should be reduced to 10-15% on a gradual phase.
6. Women and Children should be strictly restricted from purchase of Alcohol products.
7. Liquor shops should be gradually reduced in a methodological manner by increasing the distance from schools, place of worships, busy market places and public offices.
8. As Beer and Wine Parlors are the gateway for attracting youngsters including girls and minors, discourage license for new outlets.
9. To educate and create awareness, include Hazards of Alcoholism, smoking and other substance Abuse/addiction in High School Curriculum and awareness program on hazards of addiction should also be included in school assemblies at least once in a week.
10. Strict disciplinary action should be taken against teachers using alcohol and other substances of abuse especially during working hours.
11. Encourage and support Social Organizations (NGOs) who are actively involved in Prevention Programs.
12. It should be made statutory to conduct few minutes talk on hazards of Alcoholism/drug abuse and smoking in all Grama sabha meetings in all local self-government bodies
13. The state should take steps for a legal direction to all print and visual media to arrange a regular daily education/awareness slot on hazards of Substance Abuse and addiction as part of their social commitment, without any remuneration from government. To begin with, the government owned media should initiate and coordinate such awareness programs.
14. Strict measure to be taken to prevent misuse and abuse of Alcohol in Ayurvedic and other Pharmaceutical Preparations and Medicines.
15. Ban advertisement, alcohol consumptions and action scenes from Films and TV Serials.
16. Take steps to close all Liquor outlets on the National and State Highways.
17. Introduce ‘spot screening facility’ to detect drunken driving in all highways.
18. Strengthen all border check-posts for illicit liquor trafficking.
19. Introduce a Cess of Rs 50 on every bottle of Liquor and use this revenue for treating drug addicts at Rehabilitation Centers.
20. Establish Counseling Centers at all Primary Health Centers.

The minister assured the team that he will initiate the needed step on the points raised in the memorandum.


17. Al Jouf program
RISA conducted a program of awareness on Substance abuse in association with Al Jouf Welfare Association on 21.8.2015.

The organizing committee

The program was clubbed with a free diabetic, hypertension screening followed by an interactive session conducted by RISA program convener Dr. Abdul Azeez. More than 150 people got the benefit of screening. Al Jouf international school principal Asgar Ali inaugurated the function. Dr. Fayas, Dr. Kiran Kumar, Dr. Ashok kumar and nurses namely Praveen, Jaleel, Anu and Rajesh were actively participated in the screening.
A physiotherapy section handled by physiotherapist Arshad with his assistant Arif was another attraction. The program was well coordinated by a team of al Jouf welfare association office bearers including Basheer Kasargod, Najeeb, Mubarak and other volunteers under the leadership of RISA regional coordinator and association secretary Sudheer Hamsa.
18. program in association with OICC, Jeddah
On October 2nd, Jeddah regional committee arranged a poster exhibition cum documentary show for the community gathering arranged by the Overseas Indian cultural congress to mark the occasion of ‘Ghandhi Jayandhi’. A brief introduction of RISA activities was given by the joint coordinator Mr. Karunakaran Pillai. Mr Bichikka Bashir coordinated the event. Many prominent figures from the expatriate Indian community participated in the event.

19. Nov 15 Jeddah school
As part of the campaign, the Jeddah zonal committee arranged a poster exhibition and a mass pledge in Talal International School, Jeddah. The program led by Mr Bichikka Bashir, Mr. Karunakaran Pillai and a team of volunteers and school staff members.

20. Participation in NEBRAS seminar at NCNC head quarters
It was our privilege to get official invitation to participate in the NEBRAS seminar conducted on 18/11/2015 at the NCNC headquarters, Riyadh. The program committee convener Dr. Abdul Azeez participated in the seminar. The seminar was primarily aimed to consolidate suggestions from selected invites for formulating the NEBRAS campaign strategy.

21. Nov 24. Jubaile
The Jubaile zonal committee arranged a poster exhibition and a mass pledge in….. .

22. RISA health club inauguration 8/12/15
RISA health club: As part of the second phase of RISA activity, we announced the formation of RISA health clubs under the patronage of Subair kunju foundation in various International Indian Schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the initial period, we have planned to conduct a Trainer Training Program for selected students and teachers from various international Indian schools in the city of Riyadh. The training comprises of a daylong training sessions on various topics on alcohol, tobacco and other substance of abuse.

Each RISA health clubs will have Trained teachers and students (of grade 8, 9, 10), Principals, Vice principals, headmasters & Representatives from school management, RISA program committee, and community leaders as its members. The club will meet at least once in three months, organize and conduct regular health-related activities as well as RISA programs

23. CPR training at IISR
On 22/12/2015, we conducted cardio-pulmonary resuscitation training session in the international Indian boys School Riyadh as part of RISA-IISR health club activity. Dr. Raju Varghese, one of our team members a consultant anesthesiologist in National guard hospital, Riyadh conducted the session. A team of RISA members led by Dr. Bharathan, Abdul Nazar Mash, Abdul Rasheed, Shinto Mohan and Sony Kuttanad were present. The Staff members under the leadership of Principal Dr. Shawkat Parvesh and Vice Principal Meera Rahman coordinated the event. More than 20 teachers and students attended the session.



24. Visit to Nest Koilandy
On On 9 Jan 2016, RISA convener visited the Nest, Koilandy, a charitable organization sponsoring the care of hundreds of handicapped children.

25. Kozhikkode program-1 Him ayathul Islam higher secondary School
On 9 Jan 2016, a session of drug abuse and documentary show was arranged in Himayathul Islam higher secondary School, Kozhikkode at 9.30am. The program was organized by the school NSS unit led by P K Abdul Salam. Around 50 students of the NSS unit attended the session. RISA convener took the awareness class. The ward councilor was also present.

26. Kozhikkode program-2 Quba School program
On 9 Jan 2016, 8pm, a RISA documentary show an interactive session on drug abuse was arranged in Quba School, Kozhikkode. The program was organized by the led by P K Faiz, human resource manager of Al Hind Travels. More than 30 students attended the session. RISA convener took the awareness class.

27. Send off to Sherief Palath
RISA central committee member sherief Palath was given a warm sent off on at New Safa Makka Hall, Riyadh. The program consultant Dr Bharathan put the shalle, Nasar mash gave memento and Dr Joshi handed over the certificate of honor in the function presided over by the convener, Dr. Abdul Azeez. Adv Aneer Babu, sony Kuttanad, Rafeek Panniyankara gave felicitations. Georgekutty Makkulath made a welcome speech and Abdul Rasheed Bapathi delivered the vote of Thanks.

28. Observation of World No Tobacco Day- 31May 2016
Thousands of students took pledge on RISA campaign on World NO Tobacco Day

A nation-wide call by the Riyadh Initiative against Substance Abuse-RISA for a mass pledge against tobacco and other substance as part of observation of World No Tobacco Day was marked by a massive turnout of more than thirty thousand students and over a thousand of teachers from various international schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Some schools in Dubai also participated in the campaign. Thousands of students and teachers took the pledge that they never use any substance of addiction and affirm their responsibility of protecting the community against the evils of tobacco, alcohol and other hazardous additive substances.

The first function was on 29th May conducted in the international Indian School, Damam. Dr. Abdul Azeez Subair kunju, RISA program convener took 3 awareness sessions for a gathering of around 6000 students (2 sessions for boys and one session for girls). The Principal Dr. E K Mohammed Shaffe prompted the oath in all the three sessions.
The function was followed by RISA documentary show on substance abuse. Apart from the students, many staff members joined the pledge. RISA team members Mr. Shameer Yusaf, Naushad Ismail, Shajahan, Sony Kuttanad and Linad were also present.
There were simultaneous sessions on the no tobacco day in various international Indian schools in different provinces.
In the function in the international Indian school, Riyadh, Boys school Principal Dr. Shawkat Parvez, vice Principal Mrs. Meera Rahman, Girls school Principal Mrs. Aasima Sha prompted the pledge. More than 6000 students and hundreds of teachers took the oath.

There were similar sessions in other schools in Riyadh such as Al Yasmin, Al Aliya, Modern, New middle-east international, Modern Middle-east international, Yara, Delhi public School, Alif international where the respective principals viz; Rahmathulla, Shanu Chakko, E M Haneefa, Tabassum Farooqi, Jothy, Aasima Salim, Miraj Mohammed and Mohammed Musthafa prompted the oath to students.




Leaflets containing the RISA pledge and 10 tips to help the children to keep themselves away from substance abuse, sponsored by City flower hypermarket were also distributed. Tabuk international school, Al Khosama (Damam), Burida international school; gulf Asian, India international and Pace international schools from Sharja were among other schools that participated in the campaign.



Al Khosama (Dammam) photos waited



RISA has planned to conduct similar sessions on a later date in schools that are closed for summer vacation.
Apart from the School authorities, public figures and media persons, RISA program committee members namely Sony Kuttanad, Adv Aseef Mohammed, Shameer Yusaf, Nooh Pappinissery, Safeer, Mohammed Ismail Naushad, Anas, Shajahan, Sharafudeen were among those participated in different functions. Gulf Madhyamam, a leading malayalam newspaper was the media partner.


29. Honoring ambassador 6/5/16
RISA also joined the community honoring of new Indian Ambassador to KSA. Dr. Abdul Azeez, Georgekutty Makkulath and Sony Kuttanad represented the RISA.

30. Jubaile program June 2016


31. World no drug day 26 June 2016
RISA gave a memorandum to amend the narcotic drugs, convention on psychotropic substances act (NDPS act) as the existing rule has many pitfalls. The points highlighted were the following:
The 2001 amendment changed the law to allow for sentencing to be based on the quantity of the drugs seizure and formally authorizing controlled deliveries inside and outside India. Prior to these changes, individuals found with small amount of illicit drugs were subject to the same penalties as large scale drug traffickers. Though the amendment in 2001 provided for the rationalization of sentence structure, but the bail provisions were liberalized.
The 2014 amendments ensured easy medical access to narcotic drugs by removing barriers that date back to 1985 by removing the imposition of mandatory death sentence in case of a repeat conviction for trafficking large quantities of drugs, giving the court the discretion to use the alternate sentence of 30 years imprisonment for repeat offences and increased the punishment for “small quantity” offences from a maximum of 6 months to 1 year imprisonment.
Though the amendments so far have improved certain aspects of the law, there are many loop holes and paved the way for new issues. Hence, we would like to draw the attention of the Government to review the following important areas and we appeal to strengthen the NDPS Act for effective prevention and control the increasing use of illicit drugs and its wide-scale trafficking.

1. Amendment made to the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act 2001 is inadequate to curb the supply chain of Ganja and other drugs in the country.

(a) Seizure of Ganja up to 1 kg is considered as “small quantity” and punishment for seizure of small quantity is light – rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or fine up to Rs 10,000. Ganja traffickers do take advantage of the loopholes in the law and to pave way for smooth and safe trade, they usually divide the large consignment into smaller quantities below 1 kg and supplied through hired carriers and if seized and arrested, they would get bail easily. Although the Police is able to identify such tricks, it is difficult to charge a more serious offence under the existing law. As per the existing rule, the ganja seized under medium quantity, the offender has to be produced before the Sessions Court and the punishment is rigorous imprisonment of up to 10years with a fine which may extend to Rupees one lakh. The seizure of Ganja above 20kg comes under commercial category and the offender has to be produced before the Sessions Court and the punishment is rigorous imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than 10 years but may extend to 20 years and also liable for fine up to Rupees 1-2 lakhs.
We suggest that any amount of Ganja above 100gm carried by an individual should be considered as commercial so that maximum punishment is awarded. This will serve as a deterrence to put an end to massive illegal Ganja traffic or at least to minimize the wide-scale supply.

(b) The legal term “small quantity” of other narcotic drugs – need further review to reduce the quantity
As per the bailing provision under 2001 amendment, anyone in possession of 100gm of hashish, 5gm of heroin, 20gm of diazepam, 25gm of opium, 20gm of nitrazepam, 1gm of bupnorphine, 10gm of pethidene, 5gm morphine are considered as “small quantity” and the offenders easily get bail. In effect, there is an increasing tendency to carry these drugs items in quantities within the provision of bail or minimum punishment, if seized, and majority of the culprits easily escaped from the punishment. Since availability of these drugs is widespread in the society, the consumption by youths in the country (both men and women) is on the increase thus causing various health hazards due to continuous abuse.
Our suggestion is to take a serious view and make necessary modifications to the 2001 amendment, in order to protect the society from the consequences of drug abuse.
In this regard, we do agree with the Kerala State Excise Minister’s request to Central Government to reduce the permissible legal quantity of custodianship of the above drugs, as indicated below, in order to reduce the supply and availability.
Hashish – from 100gm to 25gm
Heroin – from 5 gm to 1 gm
Diazepam – from 20gm to 5 gm
Opium – from 25gm to 10gm
Nitrazepam – from 20gm to 5gm
Pethidene – from 10gm to 5gm
Morphine – from 5gm to 2gm

Apart from reducing the quantity, in our sincere view, it should be made mandatory that the person having possession of these drugs on medical grounds should have solid proof of legality from the consulting physician or any competent certifying authority.

2. As per the 2001 amendment, whoever gives, or causes to be given, to any juvenile or the child any intoxicating liquor in a public place or any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance except upon the order of a duly qualified medical practitioner or in case of sickness, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine.

The term of imprisonment has to be increased to a minimum of 10 years and the fine amount should be a minimum of Rupees one lakh.

3. Under section 42 (2) says that where an officer takes down any information in writing under subsection (1) or records grounds for his belief under the proviso thereto, he shall within seventy-two hours send a copy thereof to his immediate official superior.

We suggest that there should be provision in the law for video recording, endorsement of witnesses and immediate reporting of seizures by modern electronic reporting system. And also, whenever a person is arrested for illegal possession of drugs, there should be provision for immediate collection and prompt submission of samples to the concerned

4. Slow trial in cases make the Act a hissing snake without venom in its fangs. We request introduction of district level special courts for the trial and immediate disposal of drug trafficking cases.

32. RISA campaign in Shifa area in association with King Fahad Medical City.

RISA took an initiative to arrange a mass blood donation camp in the Shifa Area, Riyadh with the cooperation of the King Fahad Medical City. The mobile unit collected blood donation from about 50 members of Shifa Malayali Samajam. RISA arranged a free diabetic and hypertension screening along with. Those with abnormal blood sugar or hypertension were given proper advice. Adv. Aneer Babu, Ali Vettathur, Georgekutty Makkulath, Sony Kuttanad and Dr. Abdul Azeez of RISA joined the King Fahad Medical City Team consisting of.. Babu kodungallor, Manaf, Biju Adoor, Mohammed Nazar etc. led the SMS team.


33. A warm sendoff to risa joint convener: on Oct 2016, RISA joint convener Mr. Karunakaran Pillai was given a warm sendoff at Jeddah arranged by the Zonal committee.