The Subair kunju foundation announced the campaign against the hazards of tobacco, alcohol and various other addictive drugs by name Riyadh Initiatives against Substance Abuse- RISA in June 2012.

Riyadh Initiative against Substance Abuse (RISA) campaign, the current leading activity of Subair Kunju foundation was started in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the year 2012 with the objective of actively campaigning against the hazards of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. To begin with a 17 member volunteer team in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, RISA has already extended its activities to many middle east countries as well as in India.  As on Feb 2024 , we have conducted more than 100 awareness programs in various setting such as educational institutions, shopping malls, labor camps and community gatherings, in collaboration with school authorities, regional voluntary groups and agencies. RISA has  been officially recognized by the National Committee for Narcotics Control, KSA since March 2013. RISA activities has also been recognized by the UNODC platform since 2020.

The Vision

Our vision is to function as one of the excellent global teams in the campaign against substance abuse in the community especially targeting teenagers and young adults so as to protect the community away from the harmful addictive substances as far as possible.


Our mission is to conduct continuing awareness classes, documentary shows, poster exhibition, pamphlet distribution and other IEC activities on hazards of tobacco, alcohol and other substance of abuse/addiction and to provide specific training for selected teachers and teenage students and volunteers from the general community to empower them in the fight against the evil of substance abuse


RISA aims to serve both as an advisory and an educational role in the teaching institutions as well as in the general community by conducting awareness programs using different tools such as training modules, pamphlets, documentary show, poster exhibitions, interactive sessions, seminars etc. covering all matters related to substance abuse and its prevention.

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