Since the formation of Subair kunju foundation, the trust has been conducting various activities like free medical camps, health related awareness classes, publishing and distributing books/leaflets on various diseases, helping the students from the poorest people of his native place. We extended our area of activity to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the year 2012. Since then, we got the opportunity to work for the welfare of the expatriate community in the Kingdom irrespective of their nationality.

As we all know, substance abuse forms one of the most critical problems afflicting all countries worldwide. Drug abuse leads to interpersonal conflicts, failure to meet work, family/school obligations or legal problems apart from addiction- a state of persistent, compulsive dependence. Under this contest, the foundation started a campaign titled, Riyadh Initiative against Substance Abuse (RISA) in the city of Riyadh with a dedicated 17 member volunteer team in June 2012. Our mission is to make the community, especially the expatriates, aware of the hazards of substance abuse and its prevention through awareness programs in various settings such as schools, community gatherings, shopping malls, labor camps etc. RISA got officially recognized by the National Committee for Narcotics Control, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in March 2013. We are the first and only one recognized expatriate group to work against substance abuse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our initial orientation classes, seminars, documentary shows, quiz programs etc. in several international schools in the city of Riyadh were well attended and appreciated teachers and students. The two mass pledges organized by us were tens of thousands of school children. We recognize that the teachers and trained children are the best group to spread the message of substance abuse and continuous education among teenagers through schools is the most effective way to control substance abuse in the future generation. And hence developed the plan to conduct a training of trainer (TOT) program for teachers and selected students of grade 8-12 in School through RISA Health Clubs. We formed the first RISA health club in the International Indian School, Riyadh and conducted the first TOT program for 20 teachers using a mini module in December 2015.

On 21Feb 2017, the honorable Ambassador of India to KSA, Mr. Ahmad Javed released the RISA training module in a prestigious function arranged at International Indian School, Riyadh. We hope that the RISA module will serve as a comprehensive teaching guide, to scientifically empower the teachers and students who are actively associating with this noble venture. It is intended to train a total of 10,000 persons selected from various international schools in different provinces of KSA with latest updated authentic knowledge remedies about TOBACCO-ALCOHOL- DRUG ABUSE.

Currently we have different zonal teams in KSA, UAE and in India. Till Dec 2018, we have conducted more than 80 programs.  Our vision is to arrange TOT program in all provinces in Saudi Arabia and extend it to other middle-east countries as well as to India with the help and cooperation of individuals, agencies and organizations having similar interest.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to each and every for their full hearted support and cooperation to the 4 year long continuing campaign.




  -Dr. Abdul Azeez Subair Kunju,

Convener RISA and Chairman, Subair Kunju Foundation