RISA- TAG is one of our novel ventures to spread the RISA activity more effectively and globally. We plan to form state/province wise RISA-TAG Chapters in countries where we could extend our campaign. Each group will have a trained RISA Commander and a group of students.  The selected students will be given training (direct/online) to work against substance abuse by experts from team RISA .The launching of the project will be announced shortly.

The children who are interested to join RISA-TAG may submit their request in the following link (age limit: 13 to 19 only)


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Terms And Conditions

I do accept the terms and conditions of RISA and hear by declare that I am not in the habit of using tobacco, alcohol or any substances of addiction and not involved in any crimes related to drug traffic. I understand that any violation that directly or indirectly affects the credibility of RISA campaign will make be disqualify to continue my registration and membership in RISA forums.