Mass Pledge Campaign – 2024

RISA’s Mass Pledge Campaign is an annual initiative conducted in observance of World Drug Day on June 26th. This campaign spans across schools in the Middle East and India, engaging hundreds of thousands of students every year. In accordance with the yearly WHO World Drug Day theme, students collectively pledge to lead drug-free lives, fostering awareness and promoting healthy choices among the younger generation. Through this unified effort, RISA aims to combat drug abuse and empower students with the knowledge and resolve to resist the dangers of addiction.


Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah

Pace International School, Sharjah

Delhi Private School, Ajman

International Indian School, Riyadh

Al Yasmin International School, Riyadh

International Indian School, Dammam

International Indian Public School, Riyadh

India International School, Sharjah

Yara International School, Riyadh

International Indian School, Jeddah